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HSSK Partners with IKON Office Solutions, as the Exclusive Distributor of Remlox™

Ikon Press ReleaseJanuary 31, 2011 --- Ricoh Americas Corporation, a leading provider of digital office equipment and advanced document management solutions, today announced that IKON Office Solutions, a Ricoh company, has entered into an agreement with Hill Schwartz Spilker Keller LLC (HSSK) to be the exclusive provider of Remlox remote acquisition technology in the United States. Remlox is a patent pending PC data forensics software product developed by HSSK. As the exclusive provider of the Remlox technology in the U.S., IKON leverages HSSK’s broad expertise in collection and data processing along with their innovative technology. Utilizing the Remlox technology allows IKON’s customers to save time and money while acquiring data related to litigation or related investigations in a defensible manner. The Remlox technology is designed to “self-collect” a complete sector-by-sector forensic image of a personal computer hard drive, allowing custodians to gather and transmit evidence without sending computer forensic experts to the client’s premises. IKON has utilized the Remlox technology for two years and now includes it as part of its IKON Litovation Solutions eDiscovery suite of services. Because the Remlox technology is deployed using existing courier services and can be activated by the custodian, acquisitions can be performed quickly in even the most remote locations at a fraction of the cost of more traditional methodologies. The combination of the Remlox software, HSSK’s accredited computer forensics lab and IKON Legal Document Services provides a complete solution for the collection, verification, logging and auditing of electronic data. To gather information from a personal computer, Remlox is couriered to a custodian on an encrypted USB device. The custodian attaches the unit to the computer and Remlox automatically creates a complete physical hard drive image. A Chain of Custody form is then completed and the unit is sent back to HSSK’s forensics lab where certified professionals use the acquired data to perform verification and preliminary electronic data discovery services. IKON professionals manage and integrate the process with other services to provide a total solution.

“We have responded to our customer’s collection needs by providing exclusive access to the Remlox remote acquisition technology. It will be a core solution in the IKON Litovation Solutions eDiscovery suite,” said Eric Wangler, Vice President, IKON Legal Enterprise Solutions. ”The collection process is quick, convenient and saves money by reducing travel expenses and expert onsite fees for forensic engineers. Additionally, the acquired data cannot be changed so the collection process is defensible in court.” “The Remlox technology is a forensically sound ‘self collection’ tool that has been used in more than 18 countries for forensic acquisition of computer systems in support of clients involved in numerous discovery matters,” said David Greetham, Managing Director of the Computer Forensics & E-Discovery Group at HSSK, developers of the Remlox tool. “In one example, the technology was deployed by IKON for a large pharmaceutical company that needed to quickly and inexpensively obtain forensic images from literally hundreds of salespeople in different locations throughout the United States. The result far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Partnering with IKON, the largest provider of legal document services in the U.S., will help us quickly spread the benefits of the Remlox technology to a wide audience.”

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Contact: David A. Greetham, Managing Director of Computer Forensics